Grilled Shrimp Cubano Salad

Ingredients (one serving):

• Smokin Jon’s Cubano BBQ Sauce (2 heaping Tbsp)
• Orange juice (1/8 cup)
• Fresh spinach and arugula (medium bowl)
• Cremini mushrooms (1 large, sliced)
• Mixed cherry tomatoes (4, halved)
• Baby cucumber (1, sliced)
• Pepper (1/4, sliced)
• Boiled egg (1, halved)
• Wild Argentinian shrimp (grilled skewer)
• Orange wedges (2)

How to prepare:

• Layer spinach and arugula on plate, add mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, and boiled egg
• For salad dressing, mix BBQ sauce with orange juice, shake well
• Add grilled shrimp skewer on top of salad and drizzle with dressing
• Enjoy!